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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Ethiopia Blog

Hello friends,

I've avoided an adoption blog as long as I can. I've said for too long that blogging is time-consuming and I've been scared to do it. I tried one with no purpose in mind and sure enough...I had no desire to ramble about my daily life. However, I realize that this adoption journy is something exciting...not only for us, but for our friends and family who support us with their prayers and someday soon through our fundraising endeavors.

God has been working on hearts for a little while now. Through the excellent teaching of His Word at our church and godly examples of families who display Christ's love and compassion for others...God has brought us to the place where we are ready to adopt. We have one biological child--Josie. She is such a joy to us. She is 9 months old now and we love her to pieces. We are so excited to be adding to our family. We have applied to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. We are still in the "paper pregnancy" part of things. We have completed one home study meeting and are working on scheduling the rest. Once that is done, we can send in our paperwork and then sit back and wait...and wait some more.

Please pray with us that
(1) we would be faithful in our fundraising endeavors
(2) God would provide the rest of the funding in His time
(3) we would have patience as we wait to meet our daughter

I plan to update this blog weekly and maybe more often if there is enough interest and time. Thank you all for your support!


  1. I am so excited for all of you. When is your next homestudy meeting? I am looking forward to following your blog and journey. By blogging about your adoption you are also helping other families learn more about adoption and hopefully decide to adopt as well. I think if my adoption blog and sharing our story helps even one family decide to adopt that will make all of the time and effort put into the blog worthwhile.

  2. Yay - Welcome to the blog life and ditto to the comment above :)

  3. Thanks guys. You are both a big encouragement.

  4. Yay for blogging! I am so excited that we can join ya'll as your journey through your first adoption!

  5. Hey, cool. I looked up your other one the other day and was sad to see you hadn't posted anything in a while. I'm looking forward to following this one.