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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Child's Very Own

Darren's parents have arrived from Nebraska and are spending the week with Josie (oh yeah and us too) lol. We have been having such a great time except that Josie gave us all colds so yeah...lots of Kleenex usage around here. I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing a good set of Godly parents/grandparents is. They have always been so supportive of us and as a daughter-in-law that means so much to me. They love Josie to pieces and they already love our daughter in Ehtiopia.

It touched my heart that they affectionately have nicknamed her "Baby Ethie". I guess that's payback for not telling them her name ahead of time. Lol It's so sweet to me that they have taken such an interest in our journey. Above is a picture of a blanket that they brought for us. It was made by an elderly lady who they know. She loves to make blankets for children and give them away. She asked Doug if he knew of a special child who would enjoy this blanket called "A Child's Very Own". The bright colors reminded him of African culture and he brought it home for her. It brought tears to my eyes to think that this is the first of many things that will be hers specifically. Even more special that her Grandpa is already thinking of her.

I got a call from Lifesong a few weeks ago. They have been processing our paperwork for our adoption grant. They said that they have been really busy so it could still be a few weeks. So...we're just waiting on that phone call.

We only have to straighten out one piece of paper and then our dossier is complete and ready to be authenticated and certified. It will be soooooo nice to have that done!

Heard some really really exciting news about JW and KC Godwin. They are friends of ours who are adopting from Ehtiopia as well and they recieved a referral for a baby girl! We all can't wait to meet Zoe Grace Godwin!!!
Well, Josie is turning one this weekend! I can't believe she is that old already! Very possibly, 1/18 of her life at home is already gone. How's that for a weight of parental responisiblity?

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  1. What a beautiful blanket for your sweet girl! She will love cuddling up in her handmade blanket. Such a special gift! I am so excited for you almost having your dossier finished. You will be joining us in the waiting for referral stage very soon! I am so excited for your friends receiving a referral for their sweet girl. How wonderful! Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet Josie!!