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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days

So we officially have tickets and have 31 days to get ready to go to Zambia! Darren and I are so excited! We have been making lists of things to take, thinking about Christmas presents for our 3 littles, and trying to figure out how to navigate the legal system over there. We are so thankful to the Lord for putting us in touch with James and Megan who have been so kind to share their knowledge with us, and have even agreed to meet with a social worker on our behalf before we get there! I'm so grateful that we have a God who knows and orchestrates all the little details.
We are very busy trying to get everything ready, but oh! what a sweet kind of busy this is! Also, it will be summertime in Zambia, so while we are rejoicing in the finally-fall-weather that has just hit Alabama, I know we can't enjoy it for too long. I constantly have to remind myself that, while yes, fleece Christmas PJs would look so cute on my kids, we have to think warm weather Christmas!
I baked pumpkin bread today! Pumpkin is one of my favorite things in the world. I'm going to enjoy as much pumpkin as possible this month:)
I want to say "thank you" to all those who have been praying for us through the decision making process. Please continue in your prayers. There are so many unknowns that lay ahead of us. Please pray for God to grant our hearts a peace as we trust Him and His timing.
Yay Zambia!!!

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  1. I am so excited for you having an actual count down going. You will be with your girls before you know it. Trying to figure out what all to pack is so hard. I'm having the opposite problem. Instead of trying to remember to pack clothes for warm weather I am having to remember that it will be much colder in Poland than it is here. You will be able to enjoy fleece Christmas pj's for your kids next year when all three are home with you. It sounds like everything is coming together really well for you. It is so wonderful to feel God at hand in the process. I feel that same way with our adoption. I will continue to pray for all 5 Lewis's.