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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rainy Season is Here!!!!

This is where we had Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks to our friends Lou and Miranda (and in turn their friend Amy who hosted) Josie and I got to have a real North American (is there any other kind?) Thanksgiving dinner complete with all the trimmings. I got to play the wii!!!! There was even pumpkin pie and it was amazing.
The rainy season has arrived I think. It has been rainy every day and it seems the rain is falling harder every day. It's actually really nice unless you have to go out in it as we did today. Everything has really greened up just in the 3 weeks I have been here.
Today, we went to the orphanage. We were supposed to meet one of the girls' birth father, but that ended up not happenening (probably for good reasons), but we stayed for a few hours and played. It was so good to see them again. I really have missed them. It's also exhausting to go there on a day when it's raining and all 11 (12 children if you count Josie) are stuck in the house playing with the same 4 or 5 toys. I felt like they were going to smother me, but it was so good to love on them and they all seemed glad to see me again! For the girls, we painted fingernails and they LOVED it. I can't wait to get that committal order and have our two home. There's even some hope that may happen this week. Please pray for that!!!
So we are driving back from the orphanage and our driver slows down. He says really loud, "JOSIE! Have you ever seen a little Bushman?" As he starts to roll down his window I look out and see what appears to me to be an African midget. The driver's yelling "Little Bushman!!!" out the window as I try to slink down and pretend I'm not there. People just call it like it is here. Everywhere I go, they just say "Muzungu" which is literally "white person". Hahaha can you imagine doing that in America?
So anyway, I told the driver that we had indeed seen "small people" in America and that he certainly didn't need to stop or even slow down on our account.
So I got home and googled "bushman zambia". Apparently this is no ordinary midget that I saw. Bushmen are a really revered tribe of people here in Africa--they are thought to be really wise or something. Not many live in Zambia. They live in---the bush. By evolutionists they are thought to carry some kind of gene that caused humans to evolve or something like that. (whatever) Anyway, these people generally still live in a tribal setting so...I guess it's not common to see them in Lusaka and my driver just really wanted me to take note of my experience. Well Noted!
I made an apple crisp today with some apples that Kat gave me before she left and some oatmeal cookie dough I didn't use yesterday. It made the house smell good. Later, Josie and I are going to put up a Christmas tree and maybe walk to the store to get a handful of groceries. Should be a pretty quiet weekend, but please that I have something to blog about Monday!


  1. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a real Thanksgiving dinner. How nice that you were able to put up a Christmas tree. I'm praying you will be able to bring your girls to the house this week. I've been enjoying your updates.

  2. Hahaha, that Bushman story made me laugh out loud. Good thing the Lord gives you some humorous moments in the midst of your trials, huh? :)

    We are praying!