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Monday, November 21, 2011

Yay Monday!

So I know back home, everyone dreads a Monday because it means the beginning of a work week, but for me, there's nothing better than surviving a weekend and waking up to all the new possibilities that Monday brings! So far it's been a pretty good day. Got to chat with Darren on facebook and know that he made it home ok. I've already talked to our attorney about some of these issues we're having with paperwork. He assures me it will be ok. We are meeting tomorrow or Wednesday to visit some of these offices together and get things figured out. Trust God. Trust the Attorney. Take a deep breath.

Saturday, Josie, Katryn, and I spent the day in Kabanana where the children sponsored throught heir ministry had their Christmas party. They served lunch, sang songs, did a devotional, and opened presents! It was such a blessing to me to be a part of it all! These children are so precious. They all seemed to enjoy Josie even though she was a little grumpy from her nap-deprived afternoon.
We tried another church yesterday with our friends the Moralises. I was very excited because they supposedly offer childcare (which Kabwata Baptist does not). We tried the no childcare route with Josie last week and that experience was everything but worshipful so...we tried another church. Not 5 minutes into the service I see little Josie with a nursery worker looking for me outside the building. "What now!!?" I think to myself. The worker proceeds to tell me that Josie keeps walking out of the childcare room. I asked if they could just...close the door, but she said no and that there isn't a class for her age group. She said Josie was welcome to attend the 3 and 4 year old's class, but that she would have to sit down and listen to the curriculum being taught the entire time and that she couldn't keep walking out. I'm not sure I know of any 22 month olds that could handle that...especially not mine so Josie and I played in a large classroom together as I fought back tears at the news that even though they normally have the ability to pipe the sermon in through the speakers...GUESS WHAT!? The speakers aren't working. Of course they aren't.
I sat there watching my rambunctious daughter play with blocks and balls as she taught the other rather mellow child in the room how to throw them. I'm sure her mother appreciated that. It has certainly been a challenge to have Josie in this culture. She loves to be challenged, busy, and kept on a schedule. Those things are just not quite as available here. The children are different here. Much more quiet and mellow. Almost unnaturally so. So poor Josie is learning how to adjust like being thrown into a lake and being told to swim. Sometimes I get very frustrated with her, but it's hard enough being an adult and going through these things. I can't imagine what these changes must feel like to a 22 month old. I actually think it will help alot when her sisters come to stay here. Every day she asks if we can go "Play kids?"
So...I'm going to see if there is a Bible Study I can attend or some setting where Josie's disruptions won't be so obvious as a full on church service. I will try to download Shawn and Tom's sermons if my internet connection allows. I miss church community so much right now so you can pray that those things will be resolved.
Thank you all for your constant encouragement through e-mail and facebook. I appreciate it very much. Please pray that this week would be productive and that we can move things forward. Thanks!


  1. I know exactly how you feel looking forward to Mondays and the possibilities they bring. I am the same way right now. I'm at the point where weekends mean no updates on our adoption and Mondays mean the possibilities of good news. I will be praying that you are able to find a Church community very soon. I too think you are right that things will be better for Josie when here sisters are able to live with you. I'm praying that you see lots of progress this week.

  2. Praying for you both! I know things are not going as you planned but none ofPraying for a productive day and wishing I were there to help with Josie and double team those in charge and lighht a fire under them :-)

  3. Oh, friend, I am praying! I wish we could skype you in to our Sunday service so you could watch/hear...and maybe it would be while Josie was asleep for the night? That's probably a far-fetched idea, but just know that the Dudleys are praying for you both.

  4. awwwe you are such a sweet mamma lamma (smiles) I love you Jacky and in so many ways you are my hero!!! I know it might be harder now with your loving husband gone....but things are coming together....its nice to get your blogs and facebook updates I miss you so much and can't wait to meet the rest of our family! I have some stocking stuffers for the girls <3 God is near and His timing will be perfect!!! luv you!

  5. ps the children are beautiful!!!