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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spoons and Baboons

Kids really do say some funny things. Take Josie's latest example. The kids and I were all playing outside with pots and dirt and water (messy I know, but not alot to do these days). Josie went inside and was talking to our maid Susan saying "I want Bah-BOON". She said this many times before Susan called for Evolet. I was listening to the conversation that went like this.
Susan: "Evolet, what is Josie saying?"
Evolet: "Um...I think she's asking for a baboon."
Susan: "Are you sure that's what she's saying?"
Evolet: "Yeah I think she likes a baboon. She wants it. She said she wants a baboon."
Susan: "She wants a baboon?"
Evolet: "She wants a baboon."
Susan: makes a funny face
The whole time Josie was getting so irritated that no one knew what she wanted and even more forcefully was saying "I want BAH-BOOOOOOOON!" She got me, took me to the kitchen and I realized she was in fact saying "I want my spoon." She was looking for a spoon to stir her dirt soup outside with. Maybe she'll get a baboon one day too:)

We had fun fingerpainting the other day. The kids thought painting on paper would be too boring apparently and decided to paint themselves/each other instead. It was fun. I taught them how to make Indian noises and they thought that was pretty fun to chase each other and scream and stuff.
Life at the new house has been interesting. There's no washer or dryer so between myself and the maid Susan who comes three days a week it is a fulltime job just to laundry. Oh I have always taken my washer and dryer for granted. I sure do miss it right now!
I know there's *gasp* underwear in this photo, but ya know, after the 15+ people that seem to walk through my yard everyday and right past or under the underwear I just don't really care anymore. Besides nothing explains it quite like a photo...

There are also 2 lines strung inside the house:) The cool thing is that at our new place we are way closer to the shopping center and the road is so much better for the stroller. I'm learning that it's the little sometimes microscopic things that make my day. I want to go home so bad sometimes I can't think of anything else, but God always sends a bright spot in my day and reminds me that I can serve Him in joy no matter what and that I am never really alone.

Today is the last day or February! I felt like I got screwed over just a bit by having that extra day---I mean seriously...Of ALL the years for that to happen, but it's not so bad. Next month is March and is hopefully the month that Evolet officially becomes our daughter. Cool, huh!? Speaking of Evolet, she has a weird obsession with Frosty. It's almost March and she still watches it.

Went to the store today and Josie fell asleep in the stroller on the way. Some guy stopped me and said "You need to fix her head. If it slumps over like that her neck will break." To which I replied "And what medical school did you go to?" Seriously? People here seem to really think it's ok to tell me what to do in regards to my kids. I've had people tell me to put sweaters on my kids when it's hot outside, buy my kids ice cream cones when their crying, to hold them when their fussing, to buy an umbrella if it's cloudy or my kids will "catch a cough", to spank them/ NOT to spank them, had people ask detailed questions about how I ended up with mixed kids, if my husband's white or black...not even people I know...just totally random strangers. I know it's more culturally appropriate here and at first it was easy to just smile and nod and politely say "no" or take the time to explain myself, but lately it's really aggravating me. Mostly because when said outspoken people do hand out this unsolicited advice it usually comes with a look like they think I'm an idiot. Praying for patience, endurance, kindness...basically all the things I feel like I'm running out of.

Deauteronomy 31:6 "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you."


  1. This made me smile :) Thanks for sharing and oh man...you are my hero! I "dislike" laundry even with the washer and dryer. You my friend can indeed do it all! The Frosty thing isn't weird, an obsession, yes, but not weird. My kids will watch the same movie over and over and over for about two months...and then bam! A new movie it is! over and over and over...you get the picture. Shine Jesus's light even with those opinionated strangers, you just never know.... LOVE you and your girls are beautiful! (so are you, inside and out) PS. and don't get Josie a baboon...it would be a pain to get through customs and probably have more "accidents" in your house than all your children and other pets combined ;)

  2. you made me smiles too!!! as always sis!!!! keep on keeping on!!! its worth it and no matter what anyone says you are doing a wonderful job---"Mommy" smiles fun saying that to you lil sis!!!! looking forward so much to meeting these little girls!!!

  3. how adorable....you capture these moments in such a spectacular way!!!