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Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Five

This past week was amazing. I love how one person can make life so beautiful even in the midst of hardship. Having Darren here was like a breath fresh air, a sunrise, chocolate on a bad day...you name the cheesy parallel---it was GREAT!
Here's what we got done this week:
1. Played with the kids...alot! I think the first day Darren was home they were all kind of shy, but once they warmed up he was the funnest person on earth! Of course, I knew they would love him, but it was really fun to watch them all play. I think Evolet especially really enjoyed having him around. I snapped this sweet picture of him comforting her after she fell down. How sweet is that?
2. Darren met with our attorney one day and we had a social welfare home visit. I was really glad that was done while he was here. Everything seems to be progressing well. Our social worker says that the police report for Evolet is in and paperwork seems to be moving for Keira as well. I may be able to go to court for Evolet as early as 2-3 weeks from now!
3. Darren and I got to go on a date to the local mall. We saw a movie, the projector went out in the middle, we made jokes about Zambia. It was really fun!!! We spent alot of time at home too. It was so nice to just enjoy being together and talk and stuff. He brought me Valentine's chocolate and jewelry. I really married up, huh!? I really really miss him now.

4. We got to meet a great couple from Livingstone who are in the process of adopting as well. You can check out there website here. It's always nice to talk to other adoptive couples. It's encouraging and you can cheer each other to persever through the rough stuff!

5. We went to the embassy with the kids. It will help our case for their visas that we were able to prove that Darren had met them prior to adoption. Hopefully we can bypass the readoption process in the States now.

6. We moved into a new house. We are just down the road a ways from the one we were staying in. I'm so glad Darren was here to help us move. There are little things that make living here more complicated than the other house, but I'm thankful for the ways the Lord has really provided. We have a big yard here...and these cool little cubes in the wall that the kids obviously enjoy climbing through:)
7. I've been enjoying the Christmas in February feeling of having SOOOO many goodies! Thanks so much to everyone who sent my favorite snacks and little things that make our life just a little easier. You would be amazed how much a box of mac and cheese or good creamer can make my day:) I'm rationing a little better this time:)
< 8. I have new movies and TV shows to watch now. I've also enjoyed listening to sermons online and reading my Kindle. I think I might just survive!

9. My internet was out practically all last week...the good thing was I didn't care. With Darren here the last thing I wanted was to spend time on the computer;)

10. Nothing beats the beautiful times we shared as a family of 5. It was so nice even for a little bit to get a taste of what it is like to be together and to know that I won't be doing this alone forever. This season of my life seems ridiculously long, but it's not. Thank you all for your encouragement and for making a way for us to be together for a week! It went by quickly, but I feel so refreshed and ready to face the next two months.


  1. Great pictures, Jackie! I enjoyed hearing about your week together. Praying God will help you rest in His purpose for having you there longer--even if you don't know what it is, just trusting that He has a purpose in it. I am looking forward to playing Settlers with the Lewises when you get home!

  2. LOVE it! Just love...it. Beautiful to see you all together.

  3. I just love the pictures Jacky! It sounds like you all 5 had an amazing week together. I am so happy that you were able to accomplish so much and spend quality time together as a family. I hope the next couple of months go by quickly for you.