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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prayers, tears, giggles, and Lorax

Here's an adoption update and with it ways that you can pray for us specifically:

1. I found out yesterday that there was a paper that should have been filed for Evolet way back when in order to adopt. It just got filed yesterday and unless we can get them to speed up it won't be ready until "Friday" so...probably not till next week.

2. My social worker is going on vacation for a month starting next week.

3. Keira's paperwork is still not complete and unless we can change social welfare's position on it then we are kind of at a stalemate as there's no real way to obtain the rest of the paperwork which would mean that we could not complete Keira's adoption. Would have been nice to know that before the committal was given to me.

4. Our attorney is back in town after leaving for a few weeks. Our prayer is that based on his relationship with some of these people that he can help smooth our path to court. This is definately not a guarantee, but we are praying for it.

5. Was told by the embassy that my fingerprints were clear and good to go. Now there is a hangup between the office here and in the states. They haven't recieved my prints in the US and they expire in 5 days.

6. Random things keep going wrong--yesterday not one of the 3 toilets in the house was working for one reason or another, my water goes out at some point every single day (normally during bathtime for the kids)things keep breaking and it just compounds the frustrations of living here.

This has definately been the hardest week for me. Things are uncertain and I feel more alone than I ever have. It's forced me to cling to Christ more than I ever have and to trust what he says above what I feel. I keep wondering when God is going to show me what he's doing. Do I have a right to know that? I guess not, but it would be nice to understand a little bit. I'm ready for things to stop getting worse and to start getting better. Please pray with me that this week would bring some changes and that things would start to turn around.

How cute are they?
Took Evolet to see the Lorax in 3D yesterday. We spent the day together and had popcorn and forzen yogurt at the theater. It was a really fun day!


  1. Praying for y'all this morning, Jacky!

  2. your not alone Jacky!!!! I luv you and I am praying too!!! Its been a rough week here too but I know God has it all....even when my feelings and vision doesn't reflect it I know we can trust Him!!! And its His test I really want to pass no matter the outcomes!!! And yes adopting sweet lil ones too <3 luv u!

  3. Jacky, we are praying so hard for all of you. I just love all of your pictures of you and your beautiful little girls.

  4. Just now catching up on blogs and had no idea. Praying for you, Jacky. I can't imagine. Keep trusting. God is good.

    Love you!