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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Proverbs 32 man

I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"
-Song of Solomon 6:3

First of all...who doesn't love Song of Solomon? I mean talk about some serious sap! I was looking for the above passage and came across stuff like "My beloved is radiant and ruddy" and "I am sick with love" and "Your belly is a heap of wheat." I'm issuing an equally appropriate sap warning for what I'm about to say.

We wives cherish the Proverbs 31 passage and hold that up as our example to strive for. It gives us a good picture of what women were meant to be and we LOVE to have our husbands quote things from it about us, and look forward to the day our children "rise up and call us 'blessed". That actually happens, right?

Well, today is my anniversary. I have been blessed with 6 wonderful years of marriage to Darren. There's no nice perfect list of the ideal husband so I made one myself...because I've already found him. Here's the disclaimer...this is not really from the Bible and there is no Proverbs 32. Just makin' sure you all know that.

He's excellent and worth more than all the jewels his money could buy for me.
He's trustworthy and honest.
He works hard to provide for his family and doesn't complain about it.
He's wise with his investments and plans for the future.
He is wicked attractive:)
He's gentle and cares for the weak and the poor. He's generous.
His children find shelter in him.
He has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself or this life too seriously.
He enjoys life.
He is confident.
He has a heart that is quick to forgive.
He offers wise advice without arrogance.
He cherishes the Word of God.
He dies to himself every day to love his wife and family.

No man except Jesus could live up to this all the time and that is not my expectation, but I can easily say that these are the things that define my husband and for him to not be these things is so rare that it stands out when it happens. I am one lucky woman! I can't be with Darren today and I'm pretty upset about that to be honest, but I can be thankful that this is the kind of man I have the honor to miss so much right now and that THAT is what I get to go home to:)

Happy Anniversary, Darren!

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