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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Ducklings

Someone once said that parenting was like being pecked to death by a duck. Some days it sure feels that way...especially when parenting alone in a foreign country! I'm mostly joking when I say that, although we've been confined to the house more than usual the last 2 days (rain, taxi fares, etc...)and I think the girls are just getting bored. I miss my husband and family and church more and more as Christmas is nearing and there's a part of me that just doesn't want to be here anymore. Evolet decided to paint her nails in "my" bed yesterday...some nice sparkly pink artwork on the sheets is apparently irrestible. So then she and Josie got into the shaving cream together and poured most of Josie's shampoo down the tub. Josie randomly breaks out into a fussy/jealous rage for which we have to talk about being kind to one another, what the Bible says about grumbling and complaining, what the Bible says about discipline, etc...Josie has an affinity for Spilling water on the floor multiple times a day which can be quite surprising to step in when you aren't expecting it. She also eats lotion and sunscreen if she can get her hands on it. I find play dough randomly throughout the house. The kids never stop talking. Sometimes it would be nice to just have a break.

Sometimes there are basic communication issues with Evolet. She speaks English, but it's definately a different form of English than I'm used to. She phrases most of questions backwards and always ends with "ka?" which means like, "yes?" so she expects an affirmative for everything she says. Even if you say "yes, Evolet that's right" she'll ask like 3 more times. Plus, culturally it is kind of impolite to say "no" so she answers "yes" to every question. I'll say, "Do you know where you put your shoes?" She'll answer "yes" and just stand there. When I say "OK, then can you go get them?" She just stands there and I realize that she in fact has no idea where they are. This scenario plays out several times a day and can be quite frustrating to an American Momma expecially when Josie's trying to be heard at the same time.

I'm telling these events of the day not to make my children look bad (because they are very precious gifts from above) or to talk about how tough I have it over here. We have alot of fun together and the girls get along pretty well most of the time. I'm praising God daily that Evolet is adjusting so well...and she's very very obedient as long as she understand what's expected of her. I'm only saying this to convey that adoption has it's struggles even for those of us who would say we are having an "easier" time of it than expected by adoption standards. Parenting is tough stuff some days whether your children are adopted or not!

That gets me to thinking about what it cost my heavenly father to adopt me. Some days I'm the whining, complaining, fussy, not-understanding-his-ways child. Yet, he lowered Himself in humility to become a child born in a stable. He came and lived among us. He experienced our pain and difficulties and bore the grief of sin. He's always patient. He's always loving. He's compassionate. He corrects me for my good and His glory, never angry because I've been made righteous by His blood. So this Christmas I'm thankful for the gift of adoption...received and given. I'm thankful to be the one that GETS to exemplify Christ to my children through showing grace and patience when being "pecked to death." And I'm thankful for His grace and patience to me when I don't. My kids are also very forgiving of my shortcomings:)

Wanted to mention a prayer request. A friend here contacted me yesterday about a baby who was found abandoned near a hospital. A shop owner found this newborn baby girl and took her to the hospital. They were looking for a family to take her. For many many reasons we decided we are not that family, but are praying that she will find a loving home soon. There are so many stories of children abandoned here. It breaks my heart.

Also praying for our "Keira Jane". Things continue to look positive and we are hoping to know something more by this evening. We would love this "additional addition" to our family, but we know that God is all wise and will give our family what we need. We are open and willing to take her and be her forever family, but we are satisified with the joy Evolet has brought us too.

Thank you all for your prayers and daily encouragement to me. Can't wait to be back home!

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