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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Count Your Blessings

That's my two little girls laughing and giggling when I asked them to hug and pose for a picture. Motherhood is so wonderful:)
It's New Years Eve. It's a time for making resolutions and we always start off the new year all gung-ho and then somehow our resolve tends to weaken by February. By December we can't remember what our resolutions are. That's just human nature. What I did last year was make a list of things I wanted to improve on. There was no line in the sand for exactly what I wanted to accomplish, but the root of all my resolutions came down to 2 things: to know and love my savior more and to know and love my family more. I had little practical ideas that I thought might help and some of them did. I can say that to some degree those two things were accomplished in 2011.
I have no idea what 2012 looks like for the Lewis Family, but I know that by next year I would like to be able to say the same things: that I loved my God and my family more than last year.
Just wanted to take a second to recount some of our highlights from 2011:
1. Josie had her first birthday!
2. Darren and I were able to take a trip to Gatlinburg for our 5th anniversary. It was very romantic:)
3. My sister Amber and her kids came to visit for Easter.
4. I was able to participate in an amazing adoption retreat which I think helped prepare me even in ways I was oblivious to at the time.
5. Went on a cruise with Darren.
6. Took Josie to Nashville with us which was her first flight ever!
7. My sister Stephanie came to visit
8. I went to Ecuador on my first mission trip
9. We were able to travel alot to see family
10.We came to Zambia in pursuit of 2 beautiful girls to make them our daughters!
11. I planned and facilitated a wedding and started my own company
12.I was a bridesmaid:)
13.Started doing zumba classes with my pastor's wife...LOVE IT!
14.By December 31 I am a mom of two and working on 3:)
These are the big things that stand out to me, but the most beautiful memories of this past year are the things like: driving to church on a Sunday morning, watching sci-fi shows with my husband, playing spades and Catan with our friends weekly, meeting my best friend for accountability meetings (complete with chicken nuggets and mac and cheese) singing praises to the Lord with my church family, hearing Josie say "Momma" every morning, pushing Josie on a swing, watching grandma teach her her colors using crayons, laughing with Darren when we finish each others sentences or randomly say the same thing. Our lives are built more on the little moments that we share with the Lord and each other than the big things we tend to remember throughout the year. God blessed me with a great year in ways BOTH big and small. Hope your 2012 is filled with blessings!

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  1. So Beautiful!! The small things are the best for sure! So glad you have made friends there! What a blessing! Miss you and your girls!