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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Ten Day Week

Social welfare assured me several times that Evolet would come home by the end of this week, only to inform me yesterday that they've been busy and she would have to come home Monday. Who knew a Zambian week had 10 days in it!?

We went to the orphanage to see Evolet yesterday. It was a joy to see it, and it was so very hard to leave her there again. She asked me, "When are you coming back to take me with you?" I tried not make any promises about Monday since it's obviously not in my power to do so, but assured her that I would be back Monday and hopefully she could come home then. She seems very excited:)

This hilarious conversation was one of the highlights. Keep in mind that the locals here tend to reverse their "L"s and "R"s. So one of the Auntie's at the orphanage asked, "What name are you going to give Hope?" I replied, "Evolet Hope". She said, "Oh nice. Hope, can you say Everett?" I quickly tried to correct and said, "No, not Everett. Ev-o-let." She said, "Yeah. Ev-ER-ett." So then of course Evolet was saying "Everett". I decided that I could work on pronunciation more when she gets home.

So what I had thought would be a busy weekend getting to know my new daughter is now going to probably feel like a very slow weekend. It's been raining all night and all morning so...that may mean Josie and I stay inside most of the day. I have tried to look at this as one last weekend with just me and Josie. I know it will be hard to balance getting to know Evolet and making her feel special while at the same time letting Josie know that she is still very loved and special too. Hopefully we can have some fun "Josie/Mommy" time. On Sunday mornings she helps me make pancakes. That's always fun:)

I can't even explain how painful Darren's absence has been. I mean, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't think it would be this hard either. After all, I'm a pilot's wife and I'm used to being away from him for SHORT periods of time. Lately my pitiful self spends the evenings watching sappy movies and weeping at the sound of Christmas music wishing we could be together. I really really miss that man.
So if we get Evolet on Monday that will be exactly one month into the fostering period according to my attormey...that means one-third of the way there!!! This last month has gone by so slowly. I really hope that once Evolet comes here time will speed up some. I can't wait to be back home:)


  1. Praying that sweet girl gets to join you on Monday! So glad to hear of her excitement! Continuing to pray for the Lord to prepare her heart along with that of Josie! We will sure miss you tonight and the Christmas party but we will remember you in prayer! Sure will miss a gift from you int the dirty santa :-) Praying the Lord will give you a peace as you are away! My 17 days in China WITH my husband seemed like an eternity and I was so ready to come home, so I can not imagine how you are feeling! Know we all love you and are praying! Just keep thhinking of what Christmas will be like next year :-)

  2. I am praying Evolet really does get to go with you on Monday. I love that she is so excited. Remember that God is in the timing of all of this. Even when we can't see why things happen when they do, God knows and it is all to bring about His will and His glory which is better than anything we could possibly imagine for ourselves. Yes I do have to keep reminding myself of that throughout this process as well. I think it is so amazing that after our long journeys that we are both likely to pick our kids up from their orphanages the very same week.

    I have a feeling our trip will feel incredibly long as well. I'm praying for you and praying the time will go quicker once Evolet is with you.