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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It hit me today...I have stairsteps! A 4 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old. Wow! If you had told me a couple of years ago I definately would have had a good chuckle. It's great, though!
Here's a little introduction to our newest member: Keira Jane!

So many prayers we answered by the simple fact that she came "home" today. I wish this process were over, but having her here is such a big step! Evolet was ecstatic to see her when we came in the door! The kids were cute...crazy too, but mostly cute. Our sweet friends Sophie and Natasha brought us pizza and took lots of pictures. Can I just pause to say "Thank you, Lord for my friend Sophie!" I mean, this is a girl I don't have to clean the house for or put on make up for or even pretend my life is perfect for...mostly because I'm at a loss of energy to do any of those things, and this friend STILL hangs out with me and plays with my kids and encourages me and does my dishes when she comes over. Wow I will miss her:)

She is so much fun!
Josie is loving being a little sister...most of the time.

New prayer request. Social welfare is telling me that they want me to stay three months from yesterday...like until April! I pretty much had a meltdown, but my lawyer assures me that if I play it cool he can still work something out to have it backdated to November since I have been spending time with the kids since then. He seems pretty confident so either he knows what he's doing or he's a good bluffer. It's hard for me to lay all of these worries at the feet of Christ and KNOW that He is bigger than all of these "what ifs" in my life right now. I refuse to let the uncertainties ahead put a damper on loving my children to the fullest right now. Today is a day of great rejoicing as God has "set the solitary in a family". Pray for these issues to be resolved quickly and pray for our hearts to rest in knowing that God will finish what He has begun.

These last three remind me to enjoy the silliness. I'll admit that sometimes I get so caught up in remembering what a responsibility children are that I forget how FUN they are too. I was totally on a quest for the "perfect" pictures. But instead I ended up with all these silly, giddy ones (or ones of crying kids or fingers in noses) I think the last one is my favorite. It's very typical. Josie's in her own little world, Evolet's crossing her eyes and Keira's just trying to figure me out. Love it!


  1. Praise God Jacky! I know that He will pull you through and that you will get to come home sooner than later! Your girls are perfect and I cannot wait to see them and you! xoxo

  2. Jennifer worded it perfectly Jacky. Praise God for bringing Keira "home" today! I too know that He will get you through this. While we don't always understand the process or why things happen as they do God knows exactly what is going on. Even when it isn't our timing God's timing is always perfect. I know how you feel saying that sometimes the responsibility of being a parent makes it easy to forget how fun kids are at times. My favorite pictures from our trip are also the silly kids having fun being themselves pictures. Enjoy your three amazing daughters. Know that we are praying for you, praying for God to comfort all of you in this process and that He will bring you home soon.

  3. :) i've been following your journey since you got there! this is crazy and wonderfu to think about. you have BOTH your children now!!! praise God. He has done it.
    and you have been doing your best to surrender to Him, to choose love and presence even when you feel you might go crazy. well done, you. and well done, God!
    beautiful girls!