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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raindrops Keep Fallin'

It has been very rainy lately in Lusaka. This is really nice because it has cooled off alot. The downside is that the kids don't get to play outside as much. We've been having popcorn and watching a movie before their naps. They seem to enjoy this. Today they put on their sweaters and watched the rain for a while. They are so cute together!

Evolet decided to take scissors to her hair (because apparently it wasn't short enough). She cut two huge chunks out of it. There't not really much I can do I guess...except make her put her hood up for photos:p

We are praying that this week will be filled with progress in our journey to bring Keira home as well. January is halfway over and I'm very eager to start making plans to go home. Thank you all for your prayers for us, the sweet words of encouragement, the phone calls, the packages that have been sent. We appreciate you all more than you know! Praising the Lord on this chilly, rainy day!

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