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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make a Joyful Noise

This week has been alot of things. Exhausting, fun, stressful, happy, frustrating, hilarious, sad, and full of anticipation. How is it possible for all of that be true at the same time?

I know so many people are wondering when Keira's coming home. I put myself in that group as I'm pretty much as in the dark as anyone else. I hear alot of excuses for why it hasn't happened yet and some of them are most likely legitimate. I'm holding onto a small sliver of hope that she may come home tomorrow, but I wouldn't bet on it. I never thought that she wouldn't be here to celebrate Josie's 2nd birthday. I was really hoping I could have all the kids together by then, but the Lord knows best so we'll just roll with it.

Speaking of the birthday girl, my sister Amber sent a box that we got this week that had a strawberry cake mix and frosting!!!! I'm so excited and since we got the box Josie has asked for birthday cake every morning. Tomorrow, we plan to have a few friends over and eat spaghetti and green beans (Josie's a big fan)...and CAKE of course! I know Darren will be sad to miss it, but hopefully with all the people here we'll be able to get some good photos and video:)

Evolet's doing pretty well learning her letters and phonics sounds. She and Josie are both working through a catechism book and are doing quite well with that too. It's been nice to have so much time for teaching. I have to remind myself that I'll never have this much time with nothing else to do so we might as well LEARN!

Teaching the kids some new songs this week as we're focusing on making a joyful noise to the Lord (instead of grumbling and complaining.) For some reason there's been more of that than usual lately. The kids have both not felt 100% lately so that may be contributing some. Hope you all have a great weekend. Praying my next post will contain photos of Keira!


  1. I will be praying that Keira can come home tomorrow! But, most importantly, I will pray that your strongest desire will be for the Lord's will to be accomplished and not your own. :-)

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday to Josie tomorrow!! I hope she gets her new sister home for her birthday. How exciting that Evolet is doing so well with her letters and phonics sounds. Alex and Amelia are doing really well with that also and with numbers. They love to count everything they see. When we are walking around Warsaw they also like to point out the letters they recognize on signs, etc.