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Monday, January 9, 2012

Answered Prayers

"Hey mom,look, I'm Cris Angel!"

"I'm going to have another sister?!?"

So today was amazing...very stressful and nerve-racking, but in the end amazing. Today papers were signed to start the process of getting our "Keira"'s committal order. I'm still putting her name in parenthesis because part of me is afraid to really believe this is finally happening. Her case has been so "on again/off again" that I guess I don't really know how to react and I'm trying to guard my emotions a little. However, it does seem that real progress was made today and that this thing SHOULD really happy so we are excited.

I spent most of the day at immigration jumping through their hoops (and it seems they enjoy telling you about the hoops one at a time so you can't jump through them efficiently). I got the application approved for my visiting permit so that's good.

I found out that Darren's Christmas box that he sent us has been in the country for a while, but went to the wrong post office and when I got there they were just closing. That made me a little sad, but that will just make today that much better:)

I know we have had many people praying for Keira's adoption. Thank you all for pleading her case before the Lord! We are so thankful to bring this precious child into our home soon and I can't wait to post pictures of her too!:)

I'm very excited about tonight because a friend here offered to watch our kids so that another mom and I here could go on a "mommy date". We are going to get pedicures and see a movie at the new theater that just opened here. I may even sneak into the coffee shop...I haven't had really good coffee since Starbucks in the London airport (which I found out later translated to $6 a cup) So I am thankful to have this little break and it is coming at just the right time before Keira comes and we jump into "early adjustment" phase again. My assumption is that she will do really well since Evolet is already here. Hopefully Josie will be as excited as we are about another addition to the family. So far, she and Keira seem to get along really well when we go to visit so just pray that everyone (including me) would adjust to 3 kids very well.

Evolet has had an ear infection the last couple of days. While it has enhanced our "bonding" (she's wanted me to hold her all the time) it has been hard for her and hard for Josie to allow me to hold Evolet more recently. The good thing is that you can buy antibiotics over the counter here so I didn't have to take her to a doctor. She's starting to feel much better.

So that's my update for now. Pray for Keira's committal order to come quickly!


  1. Jacky, as I sit here on Steele Ridge Dr, I am praying that soon you and your precious three daughters will be taking a walk past my house and will stop to visit. I thank our Father for His marvelous work in this process thus far, overcoming obstacle after obstacle. I thank Him that you and Darren have been faithful in trusting His perfect will, whatever that may ultimately be. I pray for His continued provision for all of you in all areas. Blessings and love, dear one.

  2. Praise the Lord, Jacky! He hears our prayers and is good and faithful to us. Looking forward to meeting your girls soon. :)

  3. I am so happy for you all Jacky. This is such wonderful news. God is awesome! He has been here with you through all of this and will continue to be with you every step of the way. I pray that you are able to bring "Keira" home with you very soon!