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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Life

So many people ask me all the time why we picked the name "Evolet" for our oldest and they always ask what it means. We actually liked the way it sounded and picked it before we even knew the meaning, but for you curious people out there it means: The promise of New Life.

That's really quite fitting when you think that this is really the "third life" this child has had. All things being considered she's adjusting remarkably well I think. I've gotten so used to having her around that it blows my mind to think how far she's come in just 6 weeks. I'm praying that one day through the hearing of the Word of God and intervention of His grace that she will know yet another new life in the Savior's love.

Here are the most recent pictures of our precious Evolet Hope:

Can't wait for everyone to get to know her! She asked me "Is Keira coming today? I'm feeling like she should be here by now." My sentiments exactly...

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  1. So sweet. I just love the pictures! What a perfect meaning for Evolet's beautiful name.